Thursday 11 May 2017

Teacher Training Alert- ONYENKUZI 10.0

Listen - as a TEACHER...You Play one of THE most IMPORTANT roles in society--especially in Nigeria and across Africa! Why? Because day after day you can be a CHANGE AGENT, purposefully investing in and raising up young future leaders in your classrooms.
Onyenkuzi 10.0 is an INCREDIBLE virtual coaching program that will help TEACHERS feel Purposeful and EMPOWERED in and outside the classroom. Only 10 spots are offered at a very low price. So, GET ON BOARD.
Share with the teachers you know who need a boost of encouragement, inspiration and direction. This program will increase vision and expose teachers to POSSIBILITIES for making an impact and feeling more fulfilled in their work.
This coaching program runs for one month and is entirely online. Participants would have direct one-on-one access to a coach via email, will be in a WhatsApp group with other teachers and take part in group discussion and brainstorm sessions and be part of an internet-based research project. Successful participants will receive a certificate of completion.
May/June Batch begins 17th May 2017. 
To get more information and registration details, send a mail to
Get Empowered,

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