Wednesday 12 April 2017

Nigerian University Lecturer Slaps Student

As if to add salt to injury, in a country where female staff of a Federal Government agency got their hair cut by their commander earlier in the week, a basic studies student of the Kaduna State University got slapped by her English Lecturer today for writing an incorrect number on her test script.

According to eye witness reports, the lecturer popularly known as Mr. Phi called the undergraduate student, Miss Temitope, and asked her why she did not write her registration number on her script. The student realized that she had written her group number instead of her registration number so she wrote the correct number. To the shock of the whole class, when she took the script back to the lecturer to show him the corrected number, the next thing  heard was a resounding slap on the student's face and the lecturer telling her that she was trying to make him a liar by changing the number.

In the same University, when the basic studies students were only a few weeks old in school, another lecturer had reportedly asked the them to kneel down. I wonder if a whip will be used on the students next.

 This is a gentle reminder to the lecturers that hitting is prohibited even at the basic levels of education not to talk of in a higher institution!

Which way forward Nigeria?

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