Sunday 21 May 2017

Vision 2030: Revamping the Nigerian Educational Sector

Yesterday I heard a sad story of English teachers who have been in active teaching over a long period of time but couldn't answer job interview questions about very basic topics they supposedly 'teach'. Exam tension right? That in itself is a problem for are these not the same teachers that we trust to teach our children confidence? I weep for the GIGO our educational system is constantly churning out!
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Dear Nigerian teacher, You just be there ehn, content with being an average teacher, chopping that your i-better-pass-my-neighbour salary in that your British-American-Italian one- kind-one- kind school. None of your beeswax right? After all, you are not the government. In case you do not know, ultimately you are a Nigerian teacher, and the degenerative educational system is affecting you in more ways than you can imagine.
This a call to consciousness: parents, teachers, administrators and all Nigerian educational stakeholders who know something to wake up and do something! Don't just be attending all sorts of trainings, reading up all manner and building up your knowledge bank only for your influence to be limited to just the four walls of the class. If only a handful of teachers are getting it right in the midst of a million then our case is like that of the proverbial rich fellow among 6 poor people...#selah
What can you do?
Join teacher/educational groups on social media or better still start yours to lend your voice and share best practices. Adopt a school, train teachers for free. Teach in indigent schools for free, identify trouble spots and think of what you can do to be a change agent.
I have a dream, that one day there will be quality education for every Nigerian boy and girl at every level irrespective of status, gender or background.
Vision revamping the Nigerian Educational System 2030.
Who's with me?

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