Wednesday 20 October 2021

From Active Teaching to Active Observation

 When I transited from being an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) to a 4Skills Support teacher in 2020, I moved from active teaching to actively supporting the Japanese teachers of English (JTE), as well as observing the happenings  in the English language classroom and Japanese educational system generally. Though I miss having to plan lessons and not being in front of class as often as I used to, my role has afforded me the chance to notice a lot more things than I would have if I had my head buried in lesson planning and stuff. And believe me when I say, I have seen thingssss… LOL. Good stuff really and, more than ever, I am super impressed with the Japanese education. So, if you are curious about Japan’s world-famous educational system, you’re in luck because going forwards, I’ll be sharing the juicy stuff, from my POV of course. 


Also, my domain name changed, did you notice? I had issues with the former one and now it’s and no longer Just a tiny dash yeah, but it’s like starting from scratch to drive traffic to my blog and I’ll still need to do some tweaking to make it look good and more functional. 

Well, let me shamelessly say that the point of this boring post is to invite you to bookmark my blog if you haven’t already, and be on the lookout so that you catch new posts hot off the press. Also, comments and engagements with posts will go a long way. 

Phew, feels so good to be back typing and putting my thoughts back up on this space. And if you read up to this point, I thank you. Your support is highly appreciated.


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