Wednesday 15 December 2021

What’s Love Got To Do With It? 🤑



If you’re a foreign language teacher of teenage students and you’re having trouble getting them to speak and use the language, then you need to bring love into the equation! I mean, like  literally. Center your activities around relationships and love and watch your students go off. You probably already knew this. 


The way that the second graders hollered today when the JTE introduced the topic: Which is more important, money or love? Why?” to practice comparative forms. I knew the lesson was about to take a delightful turn and I was not disappointedStudents took a minute to think about their answers and then had a mingle session- boys chatting to boys and girls to girls, as it usually is in Japanese classrooms. Only the brave would dare to have a chat with the opposite sex during mingling activities. 


I had the time of my life as I went round monitoring and listening to their hilarious responses. Usually, I would be interrupting students using the mingling activity time to chat away in Japanese and encouraging them to use English but not today; they were totally on task and each student understood what the other said perfectly. The girls, ha! They squealed and pelted the air with delightsome giggles. The motivation in the boys’ group was at an all time high- nods of agreement and boisterous laughter. 


And then came the whole class feedback session to ask some students to share their answers. More girls than boys thought money was more important than love while a lot more boys thought love was more important. One girls reason for choosing money was because she knows what money can buy but what can love buy? Talk about a girl who knows what she wants! One of the boys chose money because “girls often go to the money.” What is the world turning into, you say? LOL! Mama’s boy spoke up and chose love because “love is strong and my mother’s love is strong.” That got us incurable romantics awwing and clapping. Then, this cheeky boy said, “Money is more important because I don’t make love.” I wondered if that meant what I thought it did and the gasps and knowing looks and giggles on the faces of the others told me exactly what I needed to know. Just before the chime went off, the last boy to answer said, “Money is more important than love because money is power!” He said it with so much conviction, leaving us all in fits of laughter right into the closing greeting. Needless to say, the lesson was fun and the aims were achieved. 


So, “Which is more important, money or love? Why?” Leave your answer in the comment section. 


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