Friday 24 March 2017

こんにちは! Kon'nichiwa!

Great to be here! My space on the blogosphere has missed me as much as I missed it.
Amidst my everyday teacher collection of data, grading students' work, dealing with behaviour issues, parents' conferences and cooking up great lessons, finally a breather! I rushed here at the very slightest opportunity. And hey, I started learning to read, write and speak Japanese! The Japanese writing system is so fascinating that I find myself drawn to it every chance I get. So far I can write all rows of the Hiragana, and now, moving on to Kanji yayyyyy! I am adding to my skills and it's part of my drive to challenge myself to do something new!

Dear teacher, how has it been at your end? Approaching the end of the term like me? Keep keeping on!
Dear parents school runs are almost over, checking out holi-schools already? Stay tuned to this page for a review of centres that run holiday school. If you plan on taking a leave so you can enjoy the kids during this time Teacher Lola has got you also so stay tuned for subsequent posts on bonding activities for the holidays.

 Looking at my blog stats, I am amazed at the number of visits even though I haven't posted a while. Please keep sharing, let every stakeholder in the Nigerian Education and beyond know there is a place we can meet to change our educational system one blog post at a time.
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Jā matane! 

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