Friday 4 September 2015

The First day

To succeed in any sphere of life, a plan is needed. Actors and actresses have a script they follow, a good chef needs a recipe to come up with a mouth-watering delicacy, a wedding planner needs a plan and no coach takes his players to the field without proper planning and preparations.   In the same vein, your success in the coming school year leans heavily on your success on the very first day of school.  
Any teacher who desires an organized, smooth-running term must take steps to get it right on the first day because you never recover from a good start. The first day is the day your students will judge who you are so why not create a good first impression.  Every good teacher has a script they want to play out on the very first day, either as a class teacher or a Subject teacher. Failure to get it right on the first day will definitely spell setbacks.
So, assuming that you have made all necessary preparations for the school year, below is a checklist to help you make a great start and take control of your classroom from the very first minute.
This checklist, put together with factors like a comfortable classroom ambience, arrangement of seats, colourful charts on the wall, daily lesson plans, and even your dressing will help you make that important positive first impression.


Script for the First Day of School

Before Class
􀂃 Arrive early.

􀂃 Have my name written on the board.

􀂃 place an activity sheet on each child’s desk so they can get to work immediately they step in.

􀂃 Class list pasted on the door so students can locate their class easily. 

Greet at the Door

􀂃 Welcome each student with a handshake and hello.

􀂃 Make eye contact with students when they introduce themselves.

􀂃 Make sure every student is in the right place at the right time.

􀂃 Tell each student that they have a warm-up activity waiting for them at their desks.

Welcome and Introduction 

􀂃 Welcome everyone to the first day of school and ask the students to take a few more minutes to finish the warm-up activity.

􀂃 Take attendance by calling out names in register.

􀂃 Welcome everyone again and introduce myself by reading/spelling out my name written on the board.

􀂃 Provide a few titbits of appropriate personal information (educational background, family, etc.).

􀂃 Stress that I am very excited to be back at school and that I look forward to a successful year ahead.

􀂃 Allow the students to introduce themselves, this can be done in the form of a game/icebreaker.

Rules and procedures

􀂃 work with students to develop classroom rules.

􀂃 Project a copy of rules to be on the overhead projector and also pin a copy on the bulletin board.

􀂃 Discuss rules and consequences.

The classroom

􀂃 Show the different and important parts of the classroom: Some things are only for me, other things are for you to use as you need it.

􀂃 Refer to classroom rules and procedures.

􀂃 Teach entry procedure and role play: come in, greet the teacher, drop your take-home folder, do warm-up exercise etc.

􀂃 Teach end of day dismissal and leaving class procedure: tidy up your desk, push in your chair, pickup your take-home folder etc.


􀂃 Issue books and teach students to be responsible for them.

􀂃 Pin a daily schedule/timetable on the bulletin board, project on the overhead board and discuss the daily goals and timing.

􀂃 generate interest and enthusiasm by talking about the exciting things that will be done during the term, include excursions, projects  and so on.

􀂃 do simple academic activities, like reviews that everyone can do well in, in order to allay fears and boost confidence.

􀂃 Do not overlook any behaviour problems but deal with them promptly

􀂃 Never leave students unattended to, ensure that they are well engaged and busy.

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