Thursday 1 October 2015

Two Weeks and half in the Life of Teacher Lola

Hey there! It's a holiday tomorrow and today I mark two and half weeks since I met my new students. It has been lesson plans, teaching, marking students' notes, correcting assignment, checking lesson plans as Head of Faculty.... and the cycle goes round and round. Thankfully I have this moment to fill you guys in on how it has been so far.

About my new job, yes I got a fantastic job in a very prestigious International School in Abuja. I resumed on the 7th of September and spent the first week attending in-house trainings while anticipating the meeting with my new students. On the eve of September 14th, the day slated for resumptions, I could barely sleep due to excitement. I rehearsed my grand entrance over and over again, trying to imagine the kind of students I would meet.

And so the D-Day arrived, I must say I looked really good and ticked off "dress to be intentionally inviting" off my First Day of School checklist. My orange shoes were teenage friendly and I caught a few students trying to judge me by my cover. Most teachers have no idea that how they dress is a key factor in the teaching and learning process so they do not match their dressing to the age group they teach or even pay attention to what they put on but that is a blog post for another day.

My first lesson was beautiful too, the year 8 students came in and were treated to an introduction and class procedures and routines which they have adhered to ever since with only a few reminders.
What can say about my Year 12 students(average age 16)! there was a lot of sizing-up and cutting down to size in our first lesson- I doing the latter of course.

Year 12 student: Sorry I didn't catch your name.
Me: I don't remember throwing it!

This is just one of the many funny incidents in my first meeting. But we are now getting along just fine, we had a very interactive lesson today too.

My students love me and I love them, the feeling is mutual. I must commend myself for having being innovative and creative in about 95% of my lessons, the boring lessons are few and far-fetched- so why shouldn't I blow my trumpet, it's mine after all! By the way, I would be uploading a few of my students' works here and I will appreciate supportive comments.

This really doesn't sum up the fulfilling weeks gone by, I have grown in a lot of ways, learnt from colleagues and students and I look forward to a hundred days in school!

Thank you for hanging out, it will only get better I promise but please don't just whistle and pass by, leave a comment also.


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