Tuesday 18 July 2017

Understand and Plan Your Professional Development The British Council Way

 Dear teacher, professional development is good but not every training is for you at the moment. The teaching profession offers so much to learn, so much to explore and so many exciting challenges and growth opportunities that can become overwhelming if there is no clear path to follow to professional development.
In my first four years of teaching or thereabouts, I used to get so frustrated because I was aware I had so much to learn and I just wanted to know everything all at once. I was a knowledge junkie, going zigzag and just amassing knowledge haphazardly. Though I knew a bit of everything, I was not as deep as I wanted to be. I was worried and angry about the many materials I downloaded and photocopied but never got around to putting to use. As I grew professionally, I began to streamline knowledge after I learnt to identify the hungriest part of my teaching career then I went all the way to feed it.  A few months ago, I found an even better way to do it-The British Council way.

The British Council’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Framework is a great tool that allows teachers to evaluate, understand and plan their own professional development. The framework introduces 4 stages of development and 12 professional practices for great teaching and learning. Each professional practice has elements describing them and you can use the framework to identify whether you are at the Awareness, Understanding, Integration or Engagement level. Thus, the teacher can identify specific areas for development and chart a plan for growth. Download the booklet which contains the CPD framework here. There is also an online assessment tool which gives you the opportunity to assess your skills and choose the right training that fit your CPD path. Several courses for development and fantastic resources for each professional practice abound on the British Council’s website. 

CPD is good but only effective if it is properly planned and organised. Spend time to map your CPD path this summer holiday so you can slay like a #bossteacher next school year. 

Grow, teacher, grow.


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