Thursday 27 July 2017

Prevent Summer Slide with HMS Summer Camp

Summer slide is the loss of learning and skills gained during the school year due to inactivity during the summer holidays. So, if you are worried about your children summer sliding😀, worry no more because HMS School Kaduna's got your four to ten-year-old children. 

With a fun Summer Club scheduled to begin 7th of August and run for two weeks, there is no chance that your child will be bored this summer break. The itinerary is super cool too: Football Academy, Leadership skills, Apps and Coding, public speaking and lots more.  It is pure edutainment and the participants are sure to learn without the fun of the summer holidays being taken away. 

At HMS Summer Club, the children are sure to use the skills they gained throughout the school year through quality learning activities, chaperoned by certified teachers. 
So, if you are in Kaduna for the summer holiday, kindly call the number on the flyer(08066543885) to sign up your kids for the HMS Summer Club to experience fun and interactive learning! 

Everyone's invited!


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