Saturday 2 April 2016

A Whirlwind Term!

Phew! What a term! Those were the thoughts in my mind as I exhaled when the second term finally came to an end about a week and half ago.  Indeed second term, for me, can be likened to a whirlwind courtship, it came and swept us off our feet, we could hardly breathe with the rush of activities in between as we tried our best to blend in teaching and learning.
At last after twelve straight weeks, we finally said I DO and called it a wrap with an awesome workshop by my 'oga at the top'- Dr. Gospel Ikpeme. 

And so for the past one week, I have been catching up on my romance with sleep and rest even though i have been cheating still by doing it with just one eye closed and the other open to catch up on some professional development online. Still i can say i have rested some and I now look forward to extension lessons for the Exam classes next week.

Soon i will be sharing some of the wisdom i gleaned from the wrap-up workshop titled '24 Classroom Management Strategies'.

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