Wednesday 13 June 2018

Click to Find out How to Plan Your CPD the Japanese Way

Kudos to trainers/educators working tirelessly to improve Education in Nigeria by equipping teachers with modern teaching techniques, and hats off to teachers who put a lot of effort into attending workshops, both paid and free, in order to improve their teaching game. I’m all for reading wide and gathering knowledge but don’t be a “knowledge junkie”-gathering and gathering but never implementing.
Let’s face it, most training platforms are not very practical and most teachers don’t really know how to use the knowledge gleaned from numerous workshops when they get back to their classrooms so they fall back to old and familiar ways of doing things. This issue has bothered me for a long time as I explored different ways to make PD sessions more beneficial to teachers. In one of my blog posts, I proffered the British Council CPD path as a way out but some teachers have sent me emails complaining about how broad and general this plan is, not tailored to meet immediate and specific needs of teachers.

Recently, my supervisor introduced me to a system of professional development, used by Japanese teachers, which is aimed at improving teaching in a collaborative way. This method is forming part of my research and I am willing to work with teachers who want to be part of the pioneers to spearhead a more practical method of CPD which will go a long way to promote collaboration amongst teachers and improve teaching and learning in Nigeria. Improvement is faster if you’re actively involved and sharing ideas in a cycle that involves collaborative planning + implementation, reflection, feedback. 
So, if you would like to take your professional development in your own hands, teaming up with other teachers to discuss the issues you are having at the moment and improve teaching please click on the pre-study survey link at the end of this post.  However, the scope of my research only takes English Teachers in Nigeria into account. Following the success of this first phase, more teachers will be factored in, please bear with me.

If you are an English Teacher in Nigeria and are interested in joining this CPD program which will involve collaborating with other English teachers in your area, physically and online, kindly click on this link to fill the registration form and I will get back to you. Also, if you are also interested in leading a team of 10 teachers in your area, send an email, captioned CPD for English Teachers, to stating your Name, location, and a short write-up of about 150 words stating your experience as a teacher leader. 

Keep learning, keep growing.


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