Wednesday 4 January 2017

All The Back To School Emotions You Can Relate To

Hiya! Christmas is over, we've crossed over into a new year and we've got a few more days before school resumes. My brain has activated work mode but my body is just a little bit slow in catching up, who can relate? Do I love teaching? Absolutely! Am I still a teacher by calling and profession? Certainly!
Singing "i'm only human...lalalalala"

I have been surfing and goofing around the internet looking for #teachspiration to jumpstart my mind into work mode and I found the following memes very relatable and absolutely hilarious! They lifted my spirits and I hope they put you in the mood too.

1. That part of me that wants a vacation every 6months, twice a year:

2. Last minute finishing touches frenzy....:

3. The battle of lesson plans is about to kick off: 


4. And that grading monster always out to get me?

5.  First day of school least I can still enjoy some moments of sanity

6. On the downside, the students seem to have gulped down all the class rules with the Christmas turkey....

7. Keep calm, otherwise this will be your story:

8. Relax you've got this!

We can do this!


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