Friday 2 September 2016

It's September- The New School Year Is Almost Upon Us!

Welcome to September, that special time of the year for stakeholders in Nigerian Education! The beginning of a new school year is just around the corner. Is everyone ready?

  Parents, are your children ready?  School Uniforms? Check. Books? Check. School bag? Check. School Fees? Er... The list is endless. You can click here for a checklist of things to do for a smooth transition into the school year. 

Teachers are we ready? Classroom arrangement? Check? Wall displays? Check. Learning resources? Check.Lesson plans, and please add coffee and painkillers to that. A handy back-to-school checklist for teachers can be accessed here.

There is also something for School administrators to ponder upon here, as they put things in place for the take-off of the school year.

Do not wait for the last minute adrenaline to kick in before you start rushing. Take advantage of the last few days for a great headstart. 




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