Saturday 6 August 2016

Unveiling Teacher Lola's Education Blog!

The favourite blog for teachers is bigger and better and is up and running under the new name It is designed to be a resource for all stakeholders in education- teachers, parents, schools.
This first-of-its-kind blog and one of the very few Nigerian teacher blogs is your best bet for reading companionship.
The new platform seeks and presents success stories of what is working in the Nigerian educational system and critiquing what is not; it is an avenue to celebrate and profile teachers who are outstanding, and a means of sharing ideas and techniques to boost and reach educational goals.
I have been doing a lot of tweaking on the design and the content too. The content will now take a holistic look at the educational sector rather than just resources and ideas for teachers.  Kindly send me an email if you would like to contribute to the content.

As it was in the beginning, this is not MY blog, it is OUR blog, so if you have the best interest of the Nigerian Educational sector at heart hurry in here!   It’s a place where anyone interested in the Nigerian educational industry—can turn for in-depth information on how to contribute and make a difference in their own way.   Everyone can share ideas about what is working and rub minds on how to move the educational sector forward so I encourage readers to comment and leave feedback every time they visit.

Share, share and share. Let’s make this go viral until every one becomes aware that there is a place where we can make a difference here!
Thanks for stopping by, please drop a comment to let me know you were here.


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