Monday 15 August 2016

Hanging Out With Akinola Samuel- Winner of The Explorable Essay Contest 'Thinking Outside the Box'

The grand finale of the explorable essay writing project for young entrepreneurs put together by KITs Academy took place over the weekend. The essay tagged 'Thinking Outside the Box' was a challenge for children aged 10-15 with the aim of getting them started early on creating value through innovations that will subsequently service their communities as well as offer them financial reward.

The goal was to help them channel their creativity to profitable ventures in future, an orientation of the possibility of not being unemployed after graduating from the university, explore positive ventures with their hands and an avenue to help them flourish. Alongside create an opportunity for them to explore their creative ability, sharpen their presentation skill and ability to communicate effectively their ideas

Several entries were submitted and it was a tough battle selecting the last 3. The final 3 entries were from Akinola Samuel who wrote on Agriculture, Adetomiwa Olowoporoku Adetomiwa who wrote on Starting a Paper Recycling Business and Millicent Bassey who wrote on the possibility of having the first Female Nigerian president. 

At the grand finale, the last three entries standing were read out loud, questions were asked
and reviewed by the judges and audience in order to ascertain the originality of the work. It was a tough tussle but at last Akinola Samuel's essay won.  

Click here to view the brilliant essay put together by Samuel. 

Kudos to KITs Academy for putting together such a brilliant project.



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