Wednesday 20 July 2016


At the end of every school year, it is estimated that 40% of teachers leave the profession.  Teaching is not for the faint-hearted. You must have the tenacity of a bull-dog to be a teacher otherwise how else will you survive those moments of frustrations when it seems the children are not just getting it even after you have tried all you could?
You must be lion-hearted to keep your calm on the day that all your children decide to gang up against you and try your patience and professionalism. I salute the courage of those who plan to remain, to change the world one child at a time.

Sadly, there exists in the profession a crop of people who are not really passionate about teaching but are just doing it because they have nothing to do at the moment. I also do know that there are people like me out there who are passionate about teaching and have many strong reasons to stay on.

You know how they say ‘Kids say the darnedest things?” In teaching, you will hear a lot of hilarious things that will make you laugh deep belly-laughs. I can never ever forget Tobi whom I was trying to teach how to write his letters properly. So, Tobi’s letters were not sitting on the line and I asked him why his letters were jumping up. With a straight face, he said: “because they are happy!” Can you beat that! You see, laughing long and hard makes you live longer and stay younger I want that so I’ll stay on.

For me, the joy of helping and motivating another human being to learn is more than having a super power. That light in my students’ eyes, that AHA! moment when they finally get it swells my heart and makes me want to stay on.

If I do not give up on any child I can be sure that I will be a part of history because I am not only working in the present, I am also touching the future. Teaching skills that go beyond the four walls of the classroom, treating each child uniquely, lovingly and respectfully will etch my name on the annals of champions so I’ll stay on.

I believe the Nigerian educational system will get better and I want to play my part in making it so, I want to leave my mark so everyone will know I was here so I am here to stay.

What about you, will you stay on and why? Join the essay writing competition to put forward your strong reasons and win cool prizes while you are at it.

Kindly share. Tell a teacher to tell a teacher. I look forward to reading all your essays.


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