Wednesday 5 August 2015

Holiday Mood Activated

Yayyyyyyyy! It’s a holi holiday!

Holiday is coming, holiday is coming

No more ringing bells, no more teachers teach

Goodbye teachers, goodbye scholars, goodbye everyone

Enjoy your holiday, my jolly holiday.

Remember that old school song? (I may have muddled up the lines at some point, apologies).  

Learners aren’t the only ones who look forward to a jolly holiday; teachers crave and deserve it too! Depending on where you work, you may have closed for a whooping four weeks or for a few days to resume summer School afterwards, whatever the case may be try to catch up on sleep and private time because before you can say “holiday” the whole time is gone.

Here are some ideas to help maximize the holiday:

Take time out to relax and get reinvigorated for the coming school year.

Self-evaluate your work during last school year, a SWOT analysis can help you out with this so look it up.

Don’t wait for your school to send you for trainings before you seek out ways to study, read and build yourself up professionally, checking out best teaching practices which you can borrow and steal from to achieve a better teaching-learning experience in the coming school year.

Remember, we have a common goal as educators to build up our educational system, help out a struggling colleague by inviting them to follow for free professional development.


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